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A quick word about customer service, after sales care and problem resolution...

Every once in a while problems happen. It is a part of life. As a retail business mitigating against potential problems is very important however eventually, no matter how diligent, something will go wrong. What then becomes important is how the problem is resolved. Here at Origin Antiques we want our customers to be fully confident in our after sales care (take a look at our 100% positive feedback on eBay) See the case in point below:

1. Customer purchases a beautiful compactum wardrobe from Origin Antiques, including delivery, which we arrange via our preferred carriers Xpert Delivery.

2. On the day of delivery the wardrobe door swings open hitting the ground and causing the hinge to be significantly damaged.

3. Customer informs us. We have the item collected, returned to ourselves, taken to our fantastic restorer who repairs the damage to the highest standard.

4. Items is returned to the customer. No quibbles, no cost, no problem.

Take a look at the pictures of the before and after the repair! Happy customers mean happy antique dealers!

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